We offer workshops in two categories :



Personal Excellence

The aim of this workshop is to use experiential exercises & let its participants reflect on their beliefs, locus of control & thought process, and how these affect the end result of their efforts at work. This self-reflection helps them identify barriers that keep them beneath their potential.

Presentation Skills

Through this workshop, participants are given a platform to create, deliver, review, and then gain insight from their own work. This is an opportunity for them to experiment with their body language & vocal skills, in order to make their presentations creative & life like. Not only this, participants also learn about selecting relevant content and then presenting it effectively through a power point.

Time Management

Through this workshop, participants learn about effective utilisation of time. It helps them organize their thoughts which in turn, make them more productive & efficient. This workshop provides its participants with tools & techniques so that they utilize their time in order to achieve work-life balance, and emerge a true winner.


This is a personalized workshop, in tune with the ideals & beliefs of the organization. Through interactive games & activities, participants are given an opportunity to comprehend the values of the establishment. Through their own experiences, this workshop lets participants discuss the relevance & in turn, their application in daily decisions.

Leadership in Women

The purpose of this workshop is to hone the already-present leadership skills in the participants, and to restore their self-beliefs. This workshop not only lets them imagine their future, but also helps them carve a path towards it. This forum helps them challenge stereotypes, demonstrate leadership qualities, face their strengths & weaknesses, bringing out the confident & capable leader in them.

Problem Solving

Aimed at providing results, this workshop offers easy & practical tools to the participants that help them resolve different types of problems that they face. In the course of this workshop, participants have the opportunity to apply the tools to the problem they may be facing. Not only do they get to experiment with these tools, but they also get to reflect on their thinking processes and identify barriers that prevent them from resolving problems effectively.

Campus to Corporate

A workshop aimed at fresh college graduates, easing them into their new, corporate lives. With this workshop, they prepare for their new responsibilities, learn to take onus of them, focus on what it takes to be a good team-player, and develop their communication skills & business etiquette. In the long run, this workshop readies them to make a quicker transition into their roles and responsibilites, which eventually leads to reducing of stress at work.

Decision Making

Through this workshop, participants become aware of their decision making. They learn how different situations can use different kinds of decision making and learn to adapt their style to a situation. workshop

Results Orientation

workshopworkshopThis workshop helps participants differentiate between being task oriented and result oriented. It helps them appreciate the mindset that result orientation needs. It also equips them with tools which they can use to develop this mindset and put it into action.

Planning and Organising

This equips participants with concepts and tools that help them to get the best out of their time. They learn frameworks, which help them examine their present way of utilizing time leading to a reflection on how they can enhance it Additionally they explore their time robbers and learn concepts that help overcome them.

Cultural Sensitivity

Through this workshop, participants are made aware of common yet challenging barriers they may face (in a different culture) like prejudice, discrimination at work, being stereotyped etc. This workshop enables them to function smoothly, despite facing these challenges.

Change Management

A workshop that creates a space for participants to express and dialogue on change and the impact it has to each one of us. Itenables its participants to develop understanding & skills that would help manage change with minimal frustration and wasted time.



Spoken and Written Communication

workshop. This is an opportunity for participants to test their spoken and written skills. workshopThrough experiential methods, participants are able to examine the impact of unclear communication on their relationships as well as results. They are given ample opportunity to experiment with the newly learnt skills so that they arebetter prepared to use them in their work-life.


The essence of this workshop is a differentiation of assertion from aggression and clarification of the myths associated with assertion. This frees up their mind to internalise specialised skills of assertiveness which they can apply to difficult situations with managers, customers and coworkers. A perfect balance of concepts & skills, this workshop uses a variety of methods like questionnaires, case studies & videos to help reflection and transition to a more assertive behavior.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is essential for any aspiring leader. With the help of this workshop, participants not only get an understanding of EI, but also experience its application in their daily work lives. Through this workshop, they build their skills of creating nurturing relationships, as opposed to superficial connections. They are able to create & understand the values of acceptance, genuineness, honesty & compassion, and can reflect on what they bring to their relationships at work.

Teamwork and Collaboration

Interactive & popular, this workshop can be tailor-made for one team or for participants from different teams. With experiential games, this workshop brings out the best in its participants, the skills that go into making a stellar team.

Conflict Management

Through this workshop, participants develop a more holistic perspective about conflict, and become more confident about facing conflicts. Self-assessment tools help them identify their preferred style of resolving conflict, but also help gain insights on the importance of using different styles.They learn skills that help them overcome hurdles and collaborate better colleagues, customers and managers.

People Management

This workshop is meant for beginners & help them gain knowledge & clarity on their roles as people managers. With this workshop, they also have access to tools motivate, manage, provide & receive feedback as well as resolve conflict. The idea is to encourage the participants to take onus of their team & and build a strong, professional relationship, providing a sense of belonging to everyone.


Meant for both mentors & mentees, this workshops helps the participants realize their roles & responsibilities in a clear & concise manner. With the help of this workshop, the participants not only develop skills that enable them to sustain their relationships, but also enable them to fulfil their & the organization's goals.


A workshop that helps participants engage in building strong professional relationships. The idea is to be ethical in approach so that manipulation is not resorted to get one's own way.


"The privilege of a lifetime is becoming who you are"

– Joseph Campbell

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